Okunowa Diaspora

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Welcome to the Official website of the Okun Owa Community in Diaspora.

At Okun Owa Community in Diaspora, we are a dedicated and passionate community of individuals who share a deep love for Okun Owa town and are committed to its growth and development. Our mission is to bring the global Okun Owa community together, foster development, and contribute to the well-being of our beloved town.

Our story begins with the rich tapestry of Okun Owa’s history and culture, and a deep commitment to preserving and advancing this legacy. Many of us have left our hometown to explore new horizons, but Okun Owa remains at the core of our identities. Whether you trace your lineage to this remarkable town or simply share a deep appreciation for its culture and heritage, you’ll find a warm welcome among us.

At Okun Owa community in Diaspora, we are driven by the belief that Okun Owa’s potential knows no bounds. Our mission is to harness the collective power of our global community to foster the development of Okun Owa, ensuring that it remains a vibrant, thriving, and inclusive place for generations to come.


At Okun Owa People in Diaspora, we take a hands-on approach to drive meaningful change in Okun Owa’s development. Our actions and initiatives encompass a wide range of activities, all designed to make a significant impact on our beloved town.


At Okun Owa community in Diaspora, we stand firmly for several core principles
and values that guide our actions and shape our vision for Okun Owa’s future

Are you from Okun Owa & live in the diaspora? Join Us today

Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous future for Okun Owa town and its people.