Okunowa Diaspora


The name of this Group shall be OKUN-OWA IN DIASPORA

This group shall be a charitable organisation, that is, non-profit organisation. The organisation shall be a legal entity, separate from members and continue to exist when members changes and the office holders changes.

• The aims and objectives of the Group shall be to:
• To assist in encouraging and facilitating development of our community
• To raise funds within members and receive donations/contributions from non-members or corporate bodies.
• Sourcing funding for development of our community
• Providing training opportunity that can enhance employment opportunity
• Organise meetings, trainings and workshops
• Liaise with organisation with similar objectives for the purpose of exchanging information for the development of our community.
• Take any lawful actions for the purpose of achieving the group aims and objectives.

• The membership of the group shall be open to Okun-Owa indigenes and Non indigenes who are interested in helping the group to achieve it aims and objectives and ready to abide by the rules of the group.
• Every member shall have one vote at general meetings

The Group shall be administered by a management committee of not less than three elected by members at the monthly or annual general meeting.
The management committee officers shall include;
• Co-ordinator
• The treasurer
•  The Secretary
An such other officers which the group deemed necessary at any material time.

The term of office: The above management committee shall be in office for a period of …….years which must be agreed by all members at the general meeting which must not exceeds such year/years as prescribed by law or agreed by members. Any of the elected officers can stand re-election for another term as long as their services are need and they are ready to render same.

Resignation: An office holder may resign his/her position in writing.
Such resignation is subject to the approval of general meeting and all the organisation documents/materials in their belonging shall be forwarded before such resignation commenced.

Removal: Any of the management committee may be remove from their position if they failed to attend meeting for more than three times without obtaining leave of absence/lawful excuse from general meeting..
The group meeting shall be once a month, precisely first Saturday of every month.
The management shall solely abide by the decision of the group at the general meeting.
The management shall not exercise any power or function without group general meeting approval.

VOTINGS: Any decision of the meeting which cannot be resolve by consensus shall be put into voting and decided on simple majority

• The major source of finance shall be monthly contributions of members.
• The group shall be eligible to source funds internally within members or externally by non-members.
• Any contributions by members or any fund sourced by the group shall only be applied towards achieving the aims and objectives of the group.
• Any bank Accounts opened by the group shall be in the name of the group.
• The cheques of the group shall be signed by minimum of two nominated signatories.
• The group shall prepare financial budget every financial year subject to the approval of the monthly meeting/annual general meeting.
• The management committee ensures strict compliance to the budget.

• The group shall hold an annual general meeting (AGM) in the month of ……. Every year.
• All members of the group shall be entitled to attend the A.G.M with at least one fourteen days’ notice and they shall be eligible to vote at the meeting.
• The activities at the A.G.M shall include:
• Receiving the reports of all activities of the group over the year presented by the co-ordinator
• Receiving the financial report of the group presented by the treasurer
Electing new management committee if the need arises
Considering any other important matters.

• A special General meeting may be called by the co-ordinator or by any members to discuss urgent matters. The secretary shall be obliged to give fourteen days’ notice of the Special general meeting with the notice of any business to be discussed. All members of the group are entitled to vote at the meeting.

There shall be board of trustees who shall ensure transparency and accountability in the management of the affairs of the organisation in accordance with resolution of members at the general meeting.

The group may be wound up at the time if agreed by two third of its members at the general meeting. In the event of dissolution agreed, after payment of all debts or other liabilities any remaining Assets or funds shall be passed to another organisation with similar aims and objectives.

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