Okunowa Diaspora

Completed Projects

Transforming Sanitation: A 14-Unit Toilet Project for Multilateral Grammar School, Okun Owa

At Multilateral Grammar School in Okun Owa, we believe in providing our students with not only a quality education but also a safe and hygienic learning environment. We are excited to announce the successful completion of a significant infrastructure project that has significantly improved sanitation facilities on our campus.

Brightening Our Community: Okun Owa Community in Diaspora Lights the Way

In a powerful display of unity and dedication, the Okun Owa Community in Diaspora has taken it upon themselves to light the way for their beloved town. The provision of streetlights stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to enhancing the safety, security, and vibrancy of Okun Owa.

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Together, we can build a stronger, more prosperous future for Okun Owa town and its people.