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In the past, we have embarked on a variety of community projects, mostly in Nigeria, to improve the living conditions of the local communities through provision of medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, books and stationeries to public schools, improvements of public school facilities, and award of academic scholarships to needy students. In recent times, our focus has concentrated more on education and health. To borrow from the United Negro College Fund, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Also, as the old saying goes: “Health is Wealth.” Hence, our future goal is to provide educational facilities more conducive to learning, award more academic scholarships to financially challenged students, and ship medical supplies to local communities (in Nigeria) who currently lack adequate medical care, to stem the untimely deaths of people from preventable and treatable diseases.

Skyrocketing costs, hard economic times, lack of access to adequate medical care, coupled with reduction in both public and private sector scholarship programs in Nigeria, are the other reasons we rely so heavily on your generous support.

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